Beneficial Plant-Microbe Interactions

The overall goal of MICRO.2 is to increase the knowledge base for successful application of single strains and mixed communities of beneficial microorganisms in horticulture. Our research is therefore focused on the three cornerstones of the plant-microorganism-environment triangle.

We aim to understand the plant processes that govern plant-microbe interactions and determine plant health and productivity. In addition, we are determining properties of beneficial bacteria and fungi and the ways in which these properties contribute to the successful application of microorganisms in sustainable crop production systems. This includes developing strategies to stabilize or even enhance such properties during inoculum production processes. Finally, we aim to understand the interaction of rhizosphere microorganisms with the physicochemical properties of soils and substrates.

Head of RG MICRO 2

Dr. rer. nat. habil. Silke Ruppel


03370178337 ruppel@igzev.de