Promoting young talents

The IGZ supports next generation scientists during their entire qualification – from bachelor and master student to doctoral researchers and early career postdoc. In the framework of internships and theses, we offer students and doctoral researchers the possibility to get to know the whole spectrum of scientific work. This includes the training of methods, the use of laboratory equipment and machines as well as statistical evaluation of experiments and writing of publications.

To ensure the quality of the PhD project, doctoral candidates sign a PhD agreement with the IGZ, which includes rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Doctoral researchers elect their PhD-representatives, who are communicating needs, ideas and wishes of the researchers to the IGZ Executive board. At the moment, doctoral researchers at IGZ are represented by Melanie Hanser (Röcker) and Camilla Hörsch, who can be contact through the following e-mail adress:

M. Sc. Melanie Hanser ( Röcker)

PhD student

PhD spokesperson


M. Sc. Camilla Hörsch

PhD student

PhD spokesperson

During the early postdoc phase, the IGZ supports the early scientific independence.

In 2012 a junior professorship was established in cooperation with the University Potsdam. Prof Susanne Baldermann meanwhile became full Professor, again at University Potsdam together with IGZ.

A former Junior Research Group headed by Dr Franziska Hanschen was financed by the Leibniz funding Programme `Leibniz – Best Minds´. This Group started working in January 2018 and was transformed into the Research Group QUALITY.2: “OPTIGLUP-Optimization of Glucosinolate Degradation Pathways” in 2022.

Also in 2022 Dr. Hanschen succeeded in the Leibniz Female Professorship Programme, which finances first 5 years of a joint professorship. The professorship is going to start in 2024.

Together with the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, the IGZ has initiated a master course in Plant Research Management. Not only the FH Erfurt and the IGZ, but also the horticultural practice have a great interest in this innovative degree program

Offers to next generation scientists

at the IGZ

at our institute early career scientists have the chance to

  • Participate in the colloquium
  • Actively participate in the weekly student progress seminar
  • Take part in the “Day of Next Generation Science”
  • Attend national and international conferences
  • Cooperate and exchange knowledge with scientists from partner institutions worldwide
  • Get support in going abroad to other research institutions during their work at the institute
  • Attend language courses and other soft skill trainings.

We provide guidance on:

  • External advanced trainings and support in participation (the IGZ is e.g. member of Pearls and PoGS)
  • Stipends, science awards, scientific stays abroad, proposal writing

Furthermore we are interested in constantly developing activities for the individual promotion of next generation scientists – together with the next generation scientists themselves.

In addition to the support of next generation scientists, professional education and advanced training are a very important issue. Being practical partner, we train technical assistants and lab assistants. The institute assists employees in their request for further education and qualification parallel to their job by offering flexible working hours and other individual arrangements. All agreements are made with respect to the compatibility of career and family as well as the criteria for gender equality.