Urban Cycles project publishes magazine in easy German language

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As part of the "Urban Cycles" project, we did Citizen Science last year with many gardeners from Berlin. They researched how well a urine-based recycled fertilizer works.

Fertilizing in the garden - how do I feed my plants?

Last year we did a project with many gardeners from Berlin. The gardeners researched for us how to use urine fertilizers in their own gardens. In addition to many workshops and exciting videos, we have now also developed a fertilizer magazine in easy German language, as an output in this project. Because we believe that everyone can learn about fertilizing in the garden!

Read more about the Urban Cycles project here.

Directly to the fertilizer magazine in easy language: link.

Easy language is a simplified everyday language. It is particularly easy to understand. Easy language is a tool for accessibility. You can read about Easy Language here .