Of fish, lettuce and regulated environments

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15. Mai 2023
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Tomatoes in a hydroponic system at the IGZ (c) Stefan Karlowsky
Tomatoes in a hydroponic system at the IGZ (c) Stefan Karlowsky

The current issue of the BMEL magazine "forschungsfelder" is about future-proof and resilient agricultural systems and how research is pointing the way to new paths for sustainable agriculture.

Agriculture faces significant challenges from extreme weather, species extinction and global crises. To counteract these, it is of great importance that agriculture becomes more resilient and resistant. In this context, research plays a crucial role by working on practical approaches to solutions. These approaches aim to make our agricultural and food systems more sustainable, thus securing our vital resources for the future.

Our research in the research group "Horticultural Systems of the Future" also contributes to developing resilient, future-proof and resource-saving horticultural systems. The current issue of "forschungsfelder" reports from page 28 onwards on our research topics in this area, in particular on resource-saving cultivation systems such as hydroponics and aquaponics: Of fish, lettuce and regulated environments.

Click here for the issue of research fields, or directly to the PDF (both in German only).